Totally Authentic News

Jonathan Parker, who is totally a real person and not just a character in a fictional world, is a freelance journalist documenting the everyday insanity in Con City and its surroundings. Totally Authentic News is an archive of his most successful articles, such as his coverage of how a madman tried to fake a solar eclipse with a hot air balloon so he could sacrifice virgins in a fake volcano.

Professor van der Bishop EXPLAINS!

The greatest scientist of all time, Professor van der Bishop, is here to explain complicated science in layman's terms. Professor van der Bishop EXPLAINS! is a reprint archive of his cutting edge research on things like why the sea levels are really on the rise.

Back To The Context

Ever wondered who invented popular expressions used non-stop in cinema and in literature? Back To The Context is an archive of historical essays on who was the first to say things like "gravity is only a theory".

The REAL Illuminati

Alexander the Great, supposedly, established a secret organization thousands of years ago with the purpose of conquering the entire world. Traitors have leaked information from the Secret Library of this organization. The REAL Illuminati is an archive of investigative journal articles by a supposed expert on Alexander's supposed secret organization. These brilliant, informative, and completely sensible historical essays reveal, for example, that Merlin was a real person and Camelot was meant to be the next Alexandria. Supposedly.