Cafe Carnage

Windsurf Warzone

An aspiring film producer and his team of unprofessional filmmakers try to make the greatest movie of all time, in spite of the catastrophic results of their previous four attempts. Will they thrive in the shark infested waters of the film industry this time, or will they fall victim to their own incompetence for a fifth time?

Shane Buck, a young man born and raised in Greenwell, the cinema capital of the Republic of North America, aspires to become the biggest producer in the film industry. After his first four, failed attempts to make a movie, he flies across the Atlantic to a small town in the English countryside named Hawthorneford to make a movie about a retired soldier who opens a cafe and runs afoul of the local crime syndicate. In the at first friendly-looking town he must contend with a nosy police inspector, one hundred and sixty-eight cats, angry hooligans, a group of antisocial young men, the rain, a creepy film critic in a black suit, and the unprofessional cast and crew he continues to employ against better judgment. Knowing this may be his last chance at breaking into the film industry, Shane tries once again to make the greatest movie of all time, or die trying.

Cafe Carnage, the sequel to Windsurf Warzone, chronicles the fifth attempt of a very amateur filmmaker to tackle the big leagues with disastrous results. Set in the world of the Con City novels, this novella gives readers a glimpse into the horrifying dangers lurking within the depths of the film industry after the violent events of the sixth Con City novel, Maniacs Of Con City. Recommended for fans of the Con City series, and anyone who really, really likes to see amateur filmmakers suffer.

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