Hitchhiker's Guide To Con City

The Guide, that is, the Hitchhiker's Guide To Con City, is the definitive introduction to the world of Con City. It is the tale of a group of thrillseekers and a freelance journalist as they journey across the perilous lands of Con County. Jumping from one darkly humorous situation to the next, the group tries hard to survive their two-week tour of the most violent plot of land in the known universe. Featuring history, culture, lynchings, riots, a bull, lots of mayhem, and even some actual hitchhiking. Documented by the award winning freelance journalist, Con City born Jonathan Parker of Totally Authentic News fame.

The Guide comes in two formats. You may read it in its entirety on this website absolutely FREE, or you can purchase it in Kindle e-book or paperback formats; the latter edition comes with three exclusive Totally Authentic News short stories that we quite frankly don't dare to put on this website. Select your preferred option below!

Kindle or Paperback Edition

Hitchhiker's Guide To Con City

Hitchhiker's Guide To Con City

Eleven brave tourists and a freelance journalist visit Con City and its surroundings. Will any of them live to tell the tale?

Reaper Travels, the premiere travel agency of Con City, organizes a two-week tour of the most dangerous plot of land in the known universe: Con County. Eleven brave souls from around the world answer the call and arrive at Con City International to begin their perilous journey across this wicked land. Accompanying them are Larry, the experienced driver and tour guide, and Jonathan Parker, the award winning freelance journalist whose job is to document the journey. Chaos and mayhem ensue as the tourists are introduced to every holiday goer's worst nightmare.

Hitchhiker's Guide To Con City is a dark comedy travelogue set in the fictional metropolis of Con City and its surroundings. Told by Jonathan Parker in the style of his award winning Totally Authentic News, this tale of eleven brave tourists offers the reader a diverse introduction to the world of the Con City novels. Filled with hilarity, dread, countless forms of bodily harm, and the everyday insanity of Con City, it is highly recommended to fans of black humor, the 80s, hitchhiking, and good old fashioned fun.