Inspired by a variety of independent filmmakers, the Author of Con City suckered a couple of his friends into making some short films of his own set in the Con City Universe. Please have a look at these productions and spread the word!

Rick Jackson's Hollywood
The largest scale Con City video production to date, Rick Jackson's Hollywood tells the tale of an amateur filmmaker who, existing within the world of Con City, tries to film the "true" events of Road To Con City. A must see if you'd like a glimpse into the first quarter of the novel Road To Con City. Click here to watch!

Koala Hunting

Koala Hunting
In this mockumentary, a clueless explorer runs into difficulty trying to find koalas in Australia and he turns to a so-called scientist for guidance. Ever wondered why there are no koalas in a termite mound? Here's your chance to find out! Click here for the videos.

Koala Hunting 2: The Quest For The Loch Ness Monster

In this mockumentary, Professor van der Bishop returns to find the Scottish Koala, better known as the Loch Ness Monster. Ever wondered how castles came to be in Scotland? Or why no one has ever seen the Loch Ness Monster? Here's your chance to find out! Click here for the videos.

The Kettle

What do you build a time machine out of? A fast car? A police box? A hermetically sealed crate stuffed with wires that no one can make sense of? Screw that, here's a time machine built into a kitchen doorway! Click here for the video.

Radio Con City News

What do you do if you start a radio station and are only allowed to be on the air for 5 minutes per month? Broadcast the news, of course. Click here for the archive of Radio Con City News.