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posted Jul 31, 2017, 2:19 PM by Viktor Zólyomi   [ updated Jul 31, 2017, 2:19 PM ]
Merlin, the famous magician from the Arthurian legends, lives in the minds of the public as the goodhearted supporter of a benevolent king and his court of heroic knights. Few know, that Merlin was first of all a real person, and second, he was in fact a high ranking member of the Real Illuminati.

Most historians rebuke the theory that Camelot was a real place and that Merlin was the strategic mind behind the kingdom, despite the available indisputable proof. Texts removed by traitors from the Secret Library of the Real Illuminati state that Merlin, not really a wizard but a traveling actor, used theatrical tricks to fool thousands into believing that Arthur, a capable but dim swordsman, managed to pull a supposedly legendary sword from a stone, and thereby manipulated the masses into accepting Arthur as their king. Camelot quickly rose to power as a medieval re-imagining of Alexandria. Merlin controlled the kingdom from behind the scenes and believed that he had built the foundations for the vision of the founder of the Real Illuminati, Alexander the Great.

While Merlin was a master manipulator and a brilliant strategist, he failed to prevent the fall of Camelot due to his inability to control women. Jealousy over a mutual love interest led to continued infighting between the members of Arthur's court, and despite Merlin's best efforts to motivate the knights into directing their jealous wrath at the common enemy, that enemy being the invading Saxon army, the disorganized kingdom fell in a matter of days.

Merlin fled and went on to erase Camelot from history in order to prevent the truth from ever leaking out. He knew he could never completely erase Camelot's rise and fall from memory, hence he opted to build it into a legend, adding elements of mystique, even going so far as presenting himself as a magician, all in an effort to hide the truth from the world.

The only reason anyone outside of or even among the Real Illuminati knows of the true history of Camelot is that Merlin felt the need to document his failed attempt to build the next Alexandria, so future strategists of the Real Illuminati would not commit his mistakes. His efforts proved worthwhile, as centuries later the Real Illuminati founded Con City and successfully grew it into the picture perfect vision of Alexander the Great. A few leaked texts from the Secret Library were a small price to pay for this success, especially considering that most people, mistakenly, dismiss these accounts as the ramblings of paranoid conspiracy theorists. Merlin, the Real Illuminati believe, is grinning in his grave.