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Lucrezia Borgia

posted Aug 16, 2018, 3:29 PM by Viktor Zólyomi   [ updated Aug 16, 2018, 3:29 PM ]
The year 1507 marked the fifteenth anniversary of the Borgia family seizing control of the Real Illuminati. Traditionalist members of the organization felt it fitting that in that very year they managed to rid themselves of Cesare Borgia, and believed they would finally free themselves of the tyranny of Borgia rule. The reins of the Real Illuminati were handed to Cesare's sister, Lucrezia, much to the delight of the Inner Circle. They believed that between the various political marriages forced upon her by her father and the murder of several of her lovers ordered by her brother, she would prove sympathetic to their own plight and would affect a change in leadership, and an eventual return to the way things were before the rise of the self-styled Alexander the Greater.

Supporters of Borgia reign were of course none too thrilled about this turn of events, as they very much believed that only leadership like that of Rodrigo Borgia could allow them to accomplish their goal of total world domination. Like the traditionalists, they, too, believed that Lucrezia would not be a strong leader, and worried that with her at the helm the group would go into decline once more. Yet the Real Illuminati, both the traditionalists and the Borgia supporters had to realize, that this particular apple did not fall far from the tree.

Within a week of Cesare's death, Lucrezia organized a masquerade to which all members of the Real Illuminati were invited. The Inner Circle considered this a sign of good things to come, and flew straight into the proverbial spider's web. At the ball, Lucrezia toasted her allies and wished prosperity for the group. It was only when the first guest collapsed that the Real Illuminati started to suspect that they might have misjudged her.

By the end of the evening, more than half the guests lay dead on the ballroom floor, including the majority of the Inner Circle. Lucrezia thanked the survivors for attending the function and bid them good night, then retired to her quarters while her servants attended to the duty of throwing the bodies into the river. A week later, Lucrezia invited the survivors to another party, adding a thinly veiled threat to the invitation about what would happen to those who failed to attend the gathering.

The Real Illuminati were left with no choice but to accept the invitation and once more drink from their gracious host's wine, who repeated the toast from the first meeting and acted all night as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened a week prior. This time around, none of the guests died from the wine, but the Real Illuminati read the message loud and clear: Lucrezia could poison any one of them whenever she saw fit, and they would never see it coming. The traditionalists begrudgingly bowed to their superior, while the Borgia supporters simply felt pride that they were led by such a strong and capable woman.

In the years that followed, Lucrezia Borgia governed the Real Illuminati from her countryside manor using messengers and carrier pigeons. While she took the group no closer to world domination, she did build up a strong new Inner Circle dominated by her fiercest supporters that would ensure sufficient unity within the group in the years to come. She did not eradicate the traditionalists, some believe because she wanted them to keep her supporters on their toes. She did, however, host a masquerade every year, where a couple of guests always expired from unexplained food poisoning.