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Violence Express

posted Jul 30, 2016, 9:02 AM by Viktor Zólyomi   [ updated Jul 30, 2016, 9:02 AM ]
The following article by Jonathan Parker was originally published in the Con City Times.

A brawl broke out at the Brickton Central train station two days ago on the express train due for Con City, leaving several people critically injured. Early reports claimed that Brickton's famous vigilante, the Train Guardian, had been responsible for the violence. These reports have since been proven false, as the four hospitalized victims were all members of the train staff, and the Train Guardian has never been known to attack railway employees.

`It is not his M.O.,' said Detective Robert Corino of Brickton Police. `He hunts the freeloaders who board the trains without a valid ticket. So it had to be one of the passengers. And since all the victims are still in a coma, all the CCTV cameras on the train were out of order, and no one would volunteer any testimonies, we just arrested all of the passengers. Sooner or later, one of them will squeal.'

The forty-seven passengers are currently held at Brickton Jail in the company of over two hundred rioters who were arrested just two days earlier for protesting against the new Door Knob Tax. Their lawyers are hard at work trying to affect their release, but as none of them are willing to offer testimonies, the authorities are reluctant to set any of them free.

Marcia Knowles, Superintendant at Brickton Central, has since given an interview to the Brickton Herald which seems to shed some light on what provoked the brawl.

`This was one of our old, Diesel powered engines,' Miss Knowles explained. `We got a call from the conductor that someone had, apparently, drained the engine dry overnight. How they made it out of the station with all that fuel, I don't know, but they left us in a bad spot. We were not prepared to refuel the engine. The station had just run out of Diesel, and the next shipment was due three hours after the scheduled start of the train. So I told the conductor to inform the passengers of the expected delay and extend our sincerest apologies. I suspect the passengers did not take it well.'

Renowned Greenwell psychiatrist Sebastian Fink offered his take on the events, and stated that `the fact that not a single one of the forty-seven passengers is willing to talk is a sure sign of collective guilt. Clearly, they were all involved, whether as active participants or simply providing moral support, hence police has chosen well to incarcerate them all.'

Many Brickton residents do not share Doctor Fink's sentiments and have taken to the streets with transparencies condoning what they perceive as police brutality and demanding the release of the passengers.

The most recent development in this story is the discovery of an unconscious, badly bruised man who was found last night duct taped to the steel railing in front of the Police Station. A sheet of paper with the words `I stole the Diesel fuel' was stapled to his forehead.

`Now that was definitely the handiwork of the Train Guardian,' said Detective Corino about the man who is being treated at Brickton General Hospital for broken bones and a severe concussion. `Of course we can't prove it, but we don't need to. We know he is always watching, keeping the trains safe.'

The hospital has released no information on the status of the recovery of the injured train staff, but Brickton Police are keeping the suspected fuel thief under guard in case the recovering patients try to finish what the Train Guardian started.