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You monster!

posted Jul 16, 2016, 8:59 AM by Viktor Zólyomi   [ updated Jul 16, 2016, 8:59 AM ]
The phrase "you monster!" is often used in reference to heinous acts committed by despicable people, usually spoken by the victim straight to the despicable person's face. Its first recorded use was in 1848. It was the year when, after the controversial events covered under the entry for the phrase "don't make me destroy you" led to the election of Jeremiah Roarke as Mayor of Brickton. While he was initially popular due to his handling of the trade crisis with Con City, it only took him three weeks to see his popularity plummet into the depths of Hell.

Mayor Roarke raised the income tax in Brickton to an unprecedented sixty percent, and reasoned that it was critical for the economy of the town. His decision was not viewed well by the public and the locals took to the streets in what would become a time honored tradition in Brickton, and protested against the Mayor's decisions and demanded his removal from power.

"Resign and fuck off!" the most famous transparency read during the protests. Mayor Roarke reacted by increasing the income tax to seventy percent at a press conference. A member of the press reportedly reacted with a gasp and the words "you monster!"

Jeremiah Roarke eventually got out of politics to every Brickton citizen's relief, but not before forging a lasting legacy by evoking the aforementioned reaction from the press on no less than ninety-six separate occasions. His legacy lives on as the phrase "you monster!" has been applied to many famous people in the history of Con County.

The most recent example is of course Robert Sloan, CEO of Sloan Chemicals, who is being held responsible for the death of the entire population of the town of Black Falls, now known as Ghost Town, due to the accidental release of experimental toxic gas from the facility that killed everyone in the town in a span of two hours. Robert Sloan's body was never found in the chemical plant but he was officially declared dead weeks after the incident, and his brother had an elaborate monument erected for him in the cemetery of Black Lake. An unknown local has since spray painted the words "you monster!" on the monument, and the graffiti has not been removed to this day.