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This does not make sense

posted Jul 2, 2016, 4:04 AM by Viktor Zólyomi   [ updated Jul 2, 2016, 4:04 AM ]
The above expression is the single most often used string of words uttered by tourists upon encountering life in Con County, just beating "run for your lives" for the top spot by a hair's breadth. Few people know that this phrase in fact originates in Con County.

In the year 1801, the town of Desert Rock was established on the western edge of the Con County oak savanna. Settlers went there to look for gold. Of course there was no gold in the area whatsoever, but no one knew this at the time. In 1806 Brickton's mining company, Rigid Shafts, sent one of its prospectors to Desert Rock who wanted to dig a gold mine there.

Fifteen years later, after failing to produce even an ounce of gold, the mine closed down and the prospector was recalled to Brickton. He ended his report of the failed fifteen year project with the following words.

"This does not make sense. The drifter who told us there was gold in Desert Rock fifteen years ago seemed like an honest bloke. I spoke to him myself, his face was carved out of honesty. I mean, sure, he smelled like he hadn't bathed in a month and you might think a drifter would say anything for a lunch, but not this chap. It wouldn't make sense for someone like that to lie. But that means he was wrong about the gold, and that makes even less sense. Drifters are supposed to be wise people."

The prospector was fired from Rigid Shafts with immediate effect. Reportedly, he reacted to the termination of his employment with the words "this does not make sense."