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Maniacs Of Con City

posted Oct 6, 2020, 8:03 AM by Viktor Zólyomi
The sixth entry in the Con City series has, like a punctual train service, finally arrived!

A malfunctioning AI goes on a murderous rampage in the city of Brickton and turns the life of a young woman upside down. Can she reign in the artificial maniac, or will the AI force her to paint the town red with blood?

A young woman who survived the disaster that recently befell Con City and now lives in Brickton, the city of riots, discovers that an artificial intelligence resides on an implant in her head. As she tries to solve the mystery of when and how the AI was implanted in her brain, the local mayoral elections bring the inner animal out of Brickton's population, and a scientist sends heavily armed mercenaries to reclaim the malfunctioning AI amid the riots. The ensuing violence prompts the AI to react with the subtlety of a homicidal maniac. Bodies begin to pile high in the streets as the AI's unwilling host tries to take back her life from the digital psychopath. The only people she can rely on for help are the local train enthusiast vigilante who beats up fare-dodgers with a baseball bat, and the police officer who hasn't managed to arrest the baseball bat wielding maniac in seven years.

Maniacs Of Con City chronicles the last few days of the most violent mayoral election season in the history of Brickton in Con County, the most dangerous region in the Republic of North America. In the middle of the chaos that every mayoral election in Brickton traditionally turns into, a young woman must fight against all odds to reclaim her life from a mass murdering AI who, despite the carnage in its wake, may not even be the biggest maniac in town. Recommended for fans of the Con City series, readers who enjoy their crime fiction as absurd and filled with as much mayhem as possible, and anyone who really, really likes good old fashioned vigilante justice.

Maniacs Of Con City will be published on 31 October 2020 in Kindle ebook and paperback formats. You can pre-order the Kindle edition here.