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Bear Of Con City - Coming This Halloween

posted Oct 11, 2018, 3:08 PM by Viktor Zólyomi
The fourth installment in the Con City series of novels has arrived!

The nice people in white coats told Manny the Bear to find the honey deep within the bellies of his playmates. Will he ever find it?

Manny the Bear lives a peaceful life in his cave deep in the woods south of a mysterious place called Greenwell. Manny loves his home, especially the bars that keep him safe from the monsters he can hear in the caverns from time to time, and he is grateful to the nice people in white coats who built him such a secure abode. The only thing he loves more than his cave is the game the White Coats have him play. The game is called `find the honey,' and all Manny has to do is find the honey that his playmates are hiding, deep inside the secret pockets within their bellies or behind their faces, except Manny only ever finds raspberry pudding. One fateful night the White Coats vanish without a trace, and the barred doors protecting Manny's cave swing wide open. Manny decides to explore the world, go to this mythical place called Greenwell, and see if he can finally find the honey.

Bear Of Con City chronicles the gruesome misadventures of Manny the Bear in Greenwell in Con County, the most dangerous region of the Republic of North America, where he meets a trigger happy mercenary and his bitter rivals, a video gamer police officer and her even nerdier sidekick, a bullfighting promoter and his cunning poachers, and a whole range of new playmates with whom Manny can play `find the honey.' Recommended for fans of the Con City series, readers who enjoy their crime fiction as absurd and filled with as much mayhem as possible, and anyone who really, really likes bears.

Bear Of Con City will be published on 31 October 2018 in
Kindle e-book and paperback formats. The Kindle edition is available for pre-order here.