The Guide, that is, the Hitchhiker's Guide To Con City, is the definitive introduction to the world of Con City. It is the tale of a group of thrillseekers and a freelance journalist as they journey across the perilous lands of Con County. Jumping from one darkly humorous situation to the next, the group tries hard to survive their two-week tour of the most violent plot of land in the known universe. Featuring history, culture, lynchings, riots, a bull, lots of mayhem, and even some actual hitchhiking. Documented by the award winning freelance journalist, Con City born Jonathan Parker of Totally Authentic News fame.

Highly recommended for all fans of black comedy, but especially for people who always wondered what The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy would have been like if Quentin Tarantino had written it.

   Introduction by Howard Pretentious
  1. Before Your Journey
  2. Brickton - What a riot!
  3. Desert Rock - Cinema shenanigans
  4. Greenwell - Be a good sport!
  5. Black Lake - Best trout in the world
  6. Ghost Town - Meet your friendly neighborhood PMCs
  7. Downtown - The world of finance
  8. Oldtown - Coffee and vice
  9. West Side - Peace, quiet, race!
  10. South Side - Culture shock
  11. New East Side - Energy crisis
  12. North Side - A fond farewell
For those of you who prefer the story in standalone handheld format, head over to the Novels section where you can order Hitchhiker's Guide To Con City in Kindle or paperback formats. These editions include bonus content in the form of three highly controversial episodes of Totally Authentic News that you will never find anywhere else. Because we don't dare to post that stuff on the website...