About The Author

“And then there's this asshole.”

The above quote from one of the most entertaining magicians in the world aptly sums up the Author of the Con City novels. Some Authors are considered sadists by their fans for treating their own characters horribly. You know, like that one guy who kills every other character in his books when you least expect it. Well, those Authors are the nicest people in the world in comparison to this asshole.

You may find that hard to believe, but consider the following. When a character dies in a novel you tend to feel sorry for them. Or, if you hated the character in question, then you tend to feel profound satisfaction that the son of a bitch finally got poisoned at his own wedding. Either way, when characters die, dramatic and emotional moments are created. In most novels. The Author of Con City on the other hand creates characters and has them die in horrible ways and then makes you laugh about it. That's right, he makes his character deaths a matter of hilarity. What kind of sick bastard does that?

He goes by the name Viktor Z
ólyomi. If you think that's hard to spell, try pronouncing it... In real life, he is a theoretical physicist (reminder: theoretical physicists created the atom bomb) and a recurve archer (like that other asshole, Robin Hood, who had zero respect for the law). How such a man has the audacity to write fiction novels is beyond me. He writes dark fantasy novels (in which people die in horrible ways, needless to say) as well as what he considers comedy (though I'd call it tragedy myself). He also produces short films that he displays on youtube for the world to see. So, he's a scientist, a writer, an archer, and a filmmaker all in one. Clearly, the guy is a jackass who thinks he lives in the renaissance age or something.

I urge you to condemn this man with all your heart. I understand that you don't see why you should hate him as much as I do but please, read his novels, watch his short films and mockumentaries, and then you will understand.

Author's note: The above description about me, which I shall permit to remain here in the name of freedom of speech, was written by a character in the Con City Universe. This character's name shall not be disclosed because I hate spoilers. I will say however that this character will meet a very gruesome and even more violent end in the next Con City novel. This has nothing to do with the above description, of course.

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