The Author

If you do an internet search for
Viktor Zólyomi, the bloke who wrote the Con City novels, you will find that he is a theoretical physicist doing research on nanoscale materials in the UK who also writes fiction novels and makes (very) amateur films in his spare time, holds two silver medals in recurve target archery, has a penchant for using a fencing sabre as a pointing stick, and operates a website dedicated to dark humor that hasn't seen an update in ages.

None of that is true. In reality, he is simply a pen name, a persona adopted by Con City's very own award winning freelance journalist Jonathan Parker. He writes novels exclusively under the name
Viktor Zólyomi. His novels include pulp fantasy literature such as Rider of the Black Horse, and tourist guide books such as Con City and Road to Con City (though some would call the latter black comedy crime thrillers, but that's just because life in Con City is all fun, thrills, and mayhem).

Of course if you really must insist on this absurd idea that Viktor Zólyomi is a real person, feel free to check out his Goodreads Profile and Blog.

The origins

The world of Con City owes a debt of gratitude to just about every 1980s movie ever made from The Blues Brothers to Lethal Weapon, but also to plenty of other sources of inspiration ranging from video games to comic books and even a couple of modern movies. Check out the Inspirations section for a non-exhaustive list of examples of just where the Author of Con City gets all of his ridiculous ideas.

Other Books

Before Con City existed, the Author tried his hand at writing fantasy novels. These are covered under the Other section. Not as ridiculous as Con City, except for the occasional things like a heavy metal concert in an orc village. Yeah, even then it was abundantly clear that the Author would end up creating something like Con City someday.